Make up verses no make up

There have been many debates by men and women alike about make up. Theses debates are primarily about whether women should be applying makeup on their faces to enhance their natural beauty or if they should stop wearing them and accept or appreciate the beauty they were born with. Just like any debate, these debates are often heated up. Those who support applying of makeup especially women often say that it is their right as women to wear whichever or whatever they want. After all it is their right to do what they want to and with their bodies. Men on the other hand who are opposed to women wearing makeup say that many women have often tricked them into believing that they are beautiful by using makeup, only for them to get surprised to see them one day with no makeup and be shocked to see how they look in their natural state. Make up is used in different kinds of circumstances and for different reasons. Women use make up to enhance their beauty most of the times. In some professions like in television broadcasting, it is almost a must for news anchors to wear makeup. For television anchors, make up serves two purposes. One is to protect their face from the strong lighting that is used in studios, and the other reason is for them to look good in front of the cameras.

Here we are going to look at both sides of the coin to see which side is in a position to win the debate. Ever since the beginning of time, human beings have often worn different kinds of external wear to enhance their natural beauty. In many societies, make up which is the word that best fits what people wore came in different forms. Just like modern day makeup, most traditional types of makeup were applied on the face. Some would be temporally and others close to permanent until someone removed them. The difference between these old types of makeup and new ones is that the modern types of makeup alter one’s look so much to the extent that they can make one look so much different from their true self. This is thanks to modern technology which has brought into the market products which are custom tailored for consumer’s preference. Some of the makeups used are like eye liner, face powder, concealers and eye shadow.

When we look at the side of those who support wearing of makeup, it seems logical when the women say that it is their god given right to wear whatever they wish. After all nobody has the right to infringe on another person’s rights. The fact that people were wearing makeup since time immemorial also comes into the favor of those who support wearing of make up because it means it is something which has been in existence long before modernity. In the end it is transparent and wise to say that those who do not support wearing of makeup loose badly in this type of debate. This is because they do not have a lot of genuine points to back up their ideals. For them to simply say that they do not want women to wear make up is not good enough. A good genuine reason that they should use is the fact that some of the makeup used has been known to have negative consequences on ones health. This happens when production of some of the makeup products is not regulated thus giving room to counterfeits. But still with this one claim, they don’t stand a chance of winning this debate. What are your opinions on wearing of make up? Feel free to contribute to this topic and add your ideas to the body of knowledge that we have.