Hair transplants

From the look of things, it seems like nowadays people are looking for solutions to everything that nature is throwing at us. Especially when it comes to things that have to do with our bodies; like baldness. A new phenomenon is sweeping all across the world of people getting hair transplants to keep their heads full with hair. Just like other types of cosmetic surgeries, hair transplants are very expensive and come with risks and side effects. But for those determined to get them, it is worth the pain that they endure and financial sacrifice. Right now according to the medical fraternities involved in the hair transplant procedures, there are two techniques of getting hair transplants. Due to their complex names, most people usually use their abbreviations to mention them. One is called FUE which stands for follicular unit extraction. The other method is called FUT which stands for follicular unit transplant.

Most people who have undergone hair transplants prefer FUE. This is because of the following reasons. The first one is because it produces less scars in the person undergoing the transplant than FUT. What many patients usually want is less scars and to them this is the ideal technique that gives them that. Second reason why people prefer it is because it takes a shorter amount of time for one to recover from it than in FUT. The third reason why many people prefer it is because it suits a person who likes to wear his hair short. Since a majority of people like to wear their hair short, FUE becomes their obvious choice over FUT. Another fact that is likely to contribute to FUE been preferred over FUT is its ability to be done on someone who has had previous hair transplants.

FUT on the other hand has got its advantages and disadvantages. The all important advantage about it is that the hair that is transplanted is of better quality than that used in FUE. This means that it is unlikely for the person the procedure is been done on having future problems of weak hair after it. FUT works basically like this. Hair that is to be transplanted is taken from one healthy part of the scalp only and then it is transferred to the area which does not have any hair. This is different compared with FUE where hair is harvested from every part of the head. The downside to FUT is that it leaves a large scar in the area where the hair is harvested. This may mean that you have to keep your hair long to keep the scar hidden.

Some of the well known and famous celebrities who have undergone hair transplants are like Nicholas Cage, Wayne Rooney, and Jude Law. Just like many other cosmetic surgeries,it seems hair transplants are gonna be here to stay. Kindly contribute to this conversation by commenting below expressing your thoughts and opinions about the subject.