How To Use Argan Oil

There are many oils that can be used for many different reasons, and always benefit you as a user. The Argan oil is one of those kinds of oils. Harvested only from the southwest region of Morocco, the Argan tree is quite rare. However, this effective oil is well known for its beauty-boosting properties. Here are some things you should know I order to take advantage of the many benefits it can give to you.


When using a pure enough form of this oil, applying to your hair will result in the softest, silkiest hair you have ever had. This is because this oil reduces and prevents split-ends and frizz with regular use. It also hydrates hair to correct any problems with dry hair. Another common problem is damaged hair from heat and dyes. While these products can certainly do a number on your hair, regular application of this oil can correct this damage, giving your hair a healthy glow. There are no harsh chemicals in this oil, so there is nothing to worry about when applying.

Another form that Argan oil is available in is shampoo and conditioner. The benefits from the oil all apply to these products as well. Safe for daily use by both men and women, these benefit in both preventing gray hair, dandruff, and also hair loss. This is because of the oil in these products. Skin also benefits from regular use so it of course helps the scalp stay healthy. When there is plenty of circulation getting the roots of the hair, the growth and health is greatly improved because vital nutrients are reaching the follicles.


Some problems that people tend to experience with their nails are cracked, peeling, and dry nails. These problems can of course be corrected with the right nutrients. The main nutrients that help nails are vitamin E and biotin, which both are in the Argan oil. By simply applying this oil to your nail area, even if it is only through applying it to your hair, your nails and cuticles will become stronger, preventing cracking and chipping in as little as three days.


Aging is not fun for your skin. Not only does it start becoming wrinkled, but discoloration can occur as well. Products containing Argan oil have many beauty benefits, as mentioned earlier in the article. Some of these are less wrinkles, natural toning of the skin, and a great way to treat acne. Another great benefit is that through treating discoloration in the skin, scars are made less visible. Regular use of these types of products can greatly improve your skins overall appearance and feel. Healthy skin makes you look younger and even feel younger.